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Terms and Conditions

  • We cannot make a full refund if you changed your mind and you don't want the pop, expecially if we are already working on the pop. We can only refund the shipping cost.  If we haven't already started working on the pop you can get back the shipping cost and our commission, not the cost of the material bought specifically for your pop/s.
  •  After you placed an order with a specific photo, you cannot ask to change massive details like colors or beard because we might be already working on the pop. Be sure to send the right photo with the hair and outfit you want for the pop when you place the order. 
  •  If you are commissioning us a new pop, after we finish it, we'll send you a photo for your approval. We can make minor changes on the final product if we missed some details from your description. 
  • If you are buying a pop we have already made, please be aware that all the pops are handmade and they are not exactly like the photos you saw, they can have minors different details.
  • If you want a specific photo for the custom box, you need to send the HQ version (at least 3000 pixels). 
  • If you need to approve the custom box before it gets printed, please notify that to us the moment you place the order.
  • The pop you will be getting will be the one we send you the pics of, so if there's something you want to be changed, you need to notify that before the shipping.
  • We can only ship to the address you have on your paypal account, so before paying check your shipping address there.

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