Terms and Conditions

If you buy from us, you agree with our terms & conditions: read before buying.

We start working only after the payment.

If you are commissioning us a new pop, after we finish it, we'll send you a photo to show you how it looks like. We can make minor changes on the final product if we missed some details from your description or photo.
After you placed an order with a specific photo, you cannot ask to change massive details like colors (only with an additional cost) or beard because we might be already working on the pop. Be sure to send the right photo with the hair and outfit you want for the pop when you place the order.
The pop you will get it will be the one we sent you the pic of, so if there's something you want to be changed, you need to notify that before the shipping. Not all the changes are possible.


If you want a specific pose, the body in a specific position, you need to ask that before the payment because that might require an additional cost.

If you want to approve the design before paying the full amount, we offer this service at an additional cost, which depends by what kind of pop you are ordering.
That amount is NOT REFUNDABLE.
If you decide not to pay for that, there will be no refund and the pop will be shipped to you or you will only get the shipping cost refunded.

Our customers usually trust our vision and how we work and they don't need to approve a design since they are always pretty happy with what we create.

You can see our previous products and how we work from all the photos we post over here, so you can decide if you wanna buy from us or not, but if you need a further warranty you can pay for this additional service.

Obviously we can make minor changes on the final product if we missed some details from your description even if you don't pay for "the approving design" service.

If you already do not like how our pops look like in the photos here, you can choose to buy somewhere else.

We offer free custom boxes on all our orders.
With free custom boxes you can still choose the photo for the back of the box, the colour and the name on the box.
If you don't tell us the color for the box, the graphic designer will choose the color according to his taste/better for the specific box.
If you want a specific photo for the custom box, you need to send the HQ version (at least 2000 pixels) to get a good quality print.

If you need to get more options for the custom boxes (beside the photo on the back, the color and the name on the box) you can pay for an additional service, but you need to notify that before you place the order.
If you need to approve the custom box before it gets printed, please notify that to us the moment you place the order.


If you are buying a pop we have already made in the past, please be aware that all the pops are handmade and they are not exactly like the photos you saw, they can have minors different details.

If you request the payment via paypal, we can only ship to the address you have on your Paypal account (it's your primary address), so before paying check your shipping address there.
If you had the wrong address, we will need to do the transaction again, but unfortunately Paypal takes fees on each transaction that will be added on your next payment.

We cannot make a full refund if you changed your mind and you don't want the pop, especially if we are already working on the pop. We can only refund the shipping cost.  If we haven't already started working on the pop you can get back the shipping cost and our commission, not the cost of the material bought specifically for your pop/s.
Our time, our work and all the costs we need to bear to create a custom pop for you have a value that needs to be respected and that is why we cannot provide any refund.

All packages are sent with tracking number which we are always able to track and we know if it's been delivered.

You can choose the option to have the package shipped with insurance (for damage), but you need to request that before the payment.
If you didn't ask for that, the shipping will be with no insurance.
Some Countries do not accept insurance so we need to check if it's possible in your case.

Note: when you choose the shipping with insurance, all the custom fees are on you and they will make you pay those at the moment of the delivery. We cannot tell you how much they are since they are not up to us, but only up to the rules of your Country.
If you are in the EU, you won't pay any custom fees.

Note 2: in case of damage only if you accept the package with reserve we can get a refund from the postal service to give to you.


If you need to return the pop, the cost of the return is on you.
Return must be made via signed for mail with a tracking number or via carrier with tracking number.
We are not responsible if your package get lost while you ship it back to us.
Declaration value on the package must be no more than 20 euros/25$ otherwise we won't accept the return and it will get back to you with all the custom fees they will apply.

Refund won't be made if you claim you don't like the pop since you have already approved it when we sent you the picture before shipping it or with the "approving design" service.

We are not responsible if the pop get broken during the shipping, although we offer free repair, but all the shipping costs to send it back to us and (after the repair) to send it to you again is on you.
Eventually it could be shipped with your next order with no additional cost.

If the carrier doesn't find you at home at the moment of the delivery, your package will be kept in storage at their location. After 3 working days all the costs of the storage are on you.
If you refuse the package because you don't wanna pay for that or for any other reason, you will NOT get any refund and we will NOT send you the pop again even if you pay for it.


Payment must be done in euros. We cannot pay for the conversion from your currency to ours.

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